Gary Llama, 2019.

Gary Llama

Guitar / Vocals

Instagram: @garyllama_

Gary and Patrick formed the nucleus of what would become Golden Llamas, and later 500$Fine, in 1993. Gary shared songwriting and vocal duties with Patrick. Outside of the band, Gary played with hardcore band Shitload of Pain, and did activism with RVA Punk Nation, Food Not Bombs, and other projects related to social justice. He went on to form the OVOLR! label and make solo music under his name and aliases Silence Is Suicide and F-Box, as well as singing for the band 92FU.

Matthew Dennis, 2022.

Matthew Dennis

Drums / Backing Vocals

Instagram: @sinneddennis500

Matt was a founding member of Golden Llamas and was the drummer until the demise of the band. Matt made most of the merch for the band, being a damn good screenprinter and artist, and brought a big part of the reggae influence to the band. He is a talented soccer player, and went on to play in some other projects, notably, Sirens to Silence, and later, making art.

Jason, 2022.



Jason grew up playing in hardcore bands in Boston. He joined 500$Fine in 2021.


A photo of Patrick Daly, 1996.

Patrick Daly

Bass / Vocals

Patrick was both co-songwriter, and co-vocalist for the band. Patrick was also responsible for the majority of the bands booking and show promotion. Outside of his amazing talent at bass, he also played guitar, made art, skateboarded, and enjoyed studying other cultures in school. He passed away in 1996.

Langdon Oliver

Guitar / Backing Vocals

Lang was a founding member of the Golden Llamas and served as guitarist up until leaving the band in 1995. He was super into computers.

Andrew Clarke

Trumpet / Backing Vocals

Andrew joined 500$Fine in late 1995 to play horns on some of the reggae songs. He went on to play in the bands Unity Project, Ann Beretta.

Helping Out

Jon Moon

Bass Guitar

Jon helped 500$fine through much of their time together, and it was not uncommon for his band Target For Aggression, and 500$Fine to play shows together. After Patrick's passing, he filled in on bass for a few performances.

Dan Tulloh

Bass Guitar

Dan was a longtime friend of the band, and after Patrick's passing, filled in on Bass during a few performances. He played guitar in the bands Indypendant, From Earth To Ashes, and later, Scarlett.

Bradley Lile

Bass Guitar

Bradley Lile was the bass player for Cloud 13, a punk band older than 500$fine. When 500$fine met the band, a kindship was formed and under their wing, the two bands played many shows together. Over those years, Bradley became a close friend of the band. When the reunion was considered, Bradley was the band's first thought of who would play bass. His gritty yet melodic style had been one of the orginal inspirations for 500$fine's own sound.