7″, 500 made


  1. Yer Wolfbro Is In My Capitol
  2. The Same
  3. Burning
  4. Commonwealth

Self-recorded in 2021 at the 500$Fine practice space, Richmond, VA.

Mixed by Evan Elizabeth Bateman at As-Is Audio.

Backing vocals on ‘Commonwealth’ by the Three E’s.


Yer Wolfbro Is In My Capitol

Everyone is sick
Of so called politics
They see it as nothing more
Than fodder for a clique
And the virus infects
The Right and the Left
Trying to sell content
With the Intent to divide

And what is left
Beyond the mess
A populace who trusts nothing
But needs something to believe
So they invent
Bending all the facts
Trying to make sense
Of the lives that they lead

They can't trust the facts
They see them as Ads
For a way of life thats mindcontrol
For indoctrination
So they turn to fear
And skepticism
Basing their beliefs on what
They imagine at their worst

And then it hits
The moment of crisis
A gunman or a riot mob
To take it all down
Who lost their shit
And is now dedicated
Pinning their hope for life
On This faulty truth

I cannot watch this anymore
The plot isn't even plausible


Does it get better?
Does better exist?
This cannot be everything
Everything I know
What I thought was behind me
Comes back to knock on my door
Comes back to challenge me
Comes back to blacken up my life

And I won't fall behind
I won't give it my time
Just cuz a thing exists
Doesn't mean it has to be in my life

Didn't I feel better?
Just a few weeks ago?
Didn't I see something?
Something new?
Something with a promise?
Something to make me better?
Cuz now I'm just standing here
, And baby, it's just all me
It's all me

And it can be hard to see
What I thought was something
Is the same old thing
Burning inside me

The Same

When we were young
We fought against everything
A world based in hypocrisy
And now we are old
And everything that I felt
Still fuels every part of me

Its still the same
Its still the same in me
Its still burns inside of me
Its still the same
Its still the same in me
Its still burns inside of me

When we were kids
They told us one day we would accept
What we could not begin to believe
And as we grew old
We saw some of the folks we were with
Give in to that simplicity

Its still the same
Its still the same in me
Its still burns inside of me
Its still the same
Its still the same in me
Its still burns inside of me

And with experience some things have changed
I see the layers of complication
The complexity of the world as it exists
But i still I know whats good
Still I know whats right

And now we are old
And all the things we fought for
Are pieces of a history
And now they are young
And they walk from where we walked
To carry on the same fights we fought
And then they are old
And everything that is true
They teach their young
Cuz it holds the same, the same value


A tragic history
Of this commonwealth
Of this city
Condensed into a rage
Condemned by skin
Alienated from culture
This city is burning
As a lampost for all that will follow

Our forefathers knew
The truth of slavery
The truth about oppression
The truth about race
That its the first card to be played
For economic control
By the state

So we can't stand by
We can't defend those lies
When lives are being taken
By fear and prejudice
We can't be equal
When some are held down
We can't call it equal
When some are shot dead in the street

So with this song
Please hear our voice
Allied in this fight
Allied for a better world