St Edwards Reunion Show

In the early 1990s, a small church in the southside of Richmond, Virginia began hosting 'Battle of the Bands' events. In time, the events expanded to include regular shows. Because of the accessibility both in location, and the acceptance of a church as a safe place for kids to go, St Edwards became a place where many young kids (some as young as nine and ten years old!) got to discover DIY music, and most notably, punk and hardcore music.

For some of these kids, they started bands of their own, and began playing St Edwards as well.

To honour the impact this place had on the lives of so many musicians and fans alike, a few of the bands got together to hold a reunion show, to serve as both an event to celebrate the impact of St Edward's, as well as to reconnect with the community that grew up around it.

While the school still exists, the challenges of putting on these shows meant that after a while, it ceased to be a venue.

Accordingly, a club was selected and bands booked. The show will be held at the Richmond Music Hall on November 30th 2019.

The lineup of bands is as follows:

  • Fun Size
  • Broken Chains of Segregation
  • Uphill Down
  • Knuckle Hed
  • 500$Fine
  • Phelics

Tickets are available now! There is a facebook event page for the show.

Band Updates


This past Wednesday we held the show, and it was AMAZING. So many familiar faces came out, and overall, the energy of the show was amazing.

So many members of our family attended, even Gary's daughter Madison, who introduced the band!

And very special to us, Patricks parent's came out to be there! (Thanks to Jane Sun Photography for the photos!)

Full video of the show was made, and will be available soon!

EDIT: The video is now available!


When we told friends about the reunion show, the idea of our friend Mike Moore singing Patrick's parts came up. Mike is an OLD friend of Gary Llama. As teenagers, they spent hours sitting in front of Soundhole Records, smoking, and talking about music, and life. And by extension, he became a good friend of the band. When we realized we had a crew, 500 Punx, he was one of the faces that would pop in our heads first. And this crew, this family, became the way that A Lot of us dealt with Patrick's passing, and found strenght and optimism admist such a dark time.

So we are excited to have Mike joining us on Novemeber 30th, and look forward to seeing you all there!


To our band, St Edwards played a big part in our existence. From participating in it's Battle of the Bands, to playing regular shows there, it gave us a place to make music, and as 14-15 year olds, a place to find an audience of kids our own age, who may not have been able to go see us play at downtown clubs. And as fans of music, it gave us a place to discover and watch new bands, and the bands of our peers. Wen our bassist and co-founder Patrick Daly passed away, it was St Edwards that helped us raise money to release a CD of our final recordings, then hosted the release show for that CD.

So when discussion came of doing a show, so many years later, and without our co-founding member there to be part of it, it was ONLY because of the importance of the place, and the sheer indebtedness to that time and part of culture that it represented, that we felt playing would be appropriate.

And so after discussing it, we asked our friend Bradley Lile to play bass with us. Back in the 90s, Bradley played bass with Cloud 13, a fellow punk band that took us under their older wings, and played a large part in our development as a band, from sharing many show stages with us, to helping us navigate life personally. Bradley, being the awesome guy he is, agreed to play.

And so we are very excited to be playing this show. As fans, some of our favorite bands will be playing (UPHILL DOWN!), and as friends, we will get to see many, many people that meant a LOT to us. We hope it will be the same for you.

See you in November!